Lian Li 011 Vision PC Case Review


Opening this case up is pretty straightforward, despite the case having a fair unique aesthetic and layout. The top glass is held in place by a pair of thumbscrews at the back. As you can see, the glass is glued into aluminium mounting sections on two sides, so it’s all surprisingly robust.

The same is true with the left side, just undo the two side screws, and lift it out. With these two panels removed, you get pretty uncompromised access to the interior, which is going to make fitting your components so much easier.

The front glass is not so easily removed, but it can be if you really needed to. There’s a screw down here at the bottom.

A screw here at the bottom left side.

And some additional screws at the top right, so it’s in there pretty tight, but nothing you can’t handle with a basic screwdriver set.

The case is packed full of quality of life features, such as these huge grommets up at the top of the motherboard tray. However, the entire motherboard tray is also easily removable thanks to a few well placed thumb screws.

Removing it could make your motherboard and liquid cooling installations so much easier, however, it’s also movable, with the entire mounting capable of being moved lower down, and even all the sections on the rear of the case can be removed and re-ordered to accommodate this alternative configuration. In the low configuration, the rear cooling support switches from 120mm to a 240mm mount.

There are additional routing channels at the bottom, as well as two large angled routing grommets to the right of the motherboard tray so cable routing should be an absolute breeze.

In the bottom of the case, there’s a huge amount of space for installing fans and radiators, with good clearance for both without conflicting with the lower expansion slots.

And then a further fan and radiator mount recessed into the right side of the case. Again, this shouldn’t conflict with your GPU installation, unless you plan on using much thicker radiators. Both the right and bottom mounts support both 120mm and 140mm mounts.

The rear expansion slots are all metal, all reusable and well ventilated, with their screw mounts hidden on the inside of the case rather than the rear. They also use a pillarless design, which is typically more mod-friendly and is also compatible with Lian Li’s vertical GPU mounting kit (sold separately).

The rear compartment is packed full of features, with a vertical mounting plate for adding multiple SSDs.

There are two suspended 3.5/2.5″ drive cages here, which are easily removed.

Simply undo the one thumbscrew at the back, then push the cage up to lift it out.

I love this, a little aluminium name plate for the case, it’s a small hidden detail, but a nice addition overall.

The SSD mounting plate is actually on a hinger with a magnetic closer. So pull it, and it swings out, allowing you to easily mount your drives, and access the cable routing behind it.

There are four large Velcro straps back here, and lots of space, so routing and hiding excess cables will be pretty straightforward.

If the Velcro straps aren’t enough, there are two thick metal brackets too, which can be slotted into the ladder of key holes that runs the full height of the case; no cable is getting free from those in a hurry!

Your PSU will be mounted on its side in the lower section of the case, and there’s a mounting arm to hold it up, so it actually sits about an inch from the bottom of the case, preventing it from resting on the metal, and reducing any unwanted vibrations.

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