Lian Li 011 Vision PC Case Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Lian Li 011 Vision launches today in two variants. The white version is available for £130 while the black version I reviewed today is available for £124.99. Which one is best? Well, that’s certainly subjective, but as much as I love this black version, the white is certainly striking to behold! It’s actually pretty affordable for what it is too, but the lack of any pre-installed fans keeps the cost of the case reasonable, but of course, you’ll need to buy some fans too. I’m sure something like the Lian Li UNI SL120 V2 would look amazing in here! Vertical GPU mounting kit/riser cables are also sold separately.


I love this case, but it certainly isn’t the right case for me. It comes with a few quirks that make it a bit of a tricky case to locate in many desktop environments. Firstly, it’s not well suited to go on the floor, with the front panel I/O located at the bottom of the front panel, it would be cumbersome to access on the floor. The case is meant to be up on top of your desk, it’s a display case, and as such, it should be up and on display.

Then there’s the right side panel ventilation, this means you can’t put it up against a wall on that side, as it would restrict vital airflow. Plus, it needs to be on the right of your desk, as placing it on the left would mean you can’t see in the windows.

It’s also quite large, and thanks to the dual-chamber design, it’s also quite wide, so again, you’ll need a fairly large desktop space to accommodate it. A strong desk too, as this case is quite heavy, and loading it with hardware and liquid cooling is only going to amplify that factor.

Overall, none of these aren’t deal breakers, but they’re certainly things you have to consider before buying it.

It’s cons are pretty much its pros too, as the side and bottom ventilation allows for up to two 360mm and a 240mm radiator, or a plethora of 120mm and 140mm fans depending on your cooling system of choice. Not only is that more than enough cooling for a high-end PC, but with the triple glass design, it means that every components will be in a functional place, but also proudly on display from the front, top and side-on view of the case.

With the size of the case, it’ll support graphics cards of up to 455mm length, E-ATX motherboards, thicker radiators, lots of storage with both 3.5″ and 2.5″ drive mounts, while still providing space for cable management, and still keep things looking great.

Should I Buy One?

The Lian Li 011 Dynamic was, and still is, one of the best made and coolest looking case on the market today. The 011 Vision takes that design to the next level, with zero compromise on build quality and plenty of new features to add to its appeal. Plus, at £125-130 I think it’s pretty reasonably priced given the overall quality of the product. It is also about £70-80 cheaper than the HYTE Y60, albeit the HYTE comes with a riser cable, and that price gap closes if you include that purchase with an 011 Vision.

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