Lian Li PC-V359 M-ATX Chassis Review

/ 3 years ago

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Lian-Li have one of the best reputations in the chassis industry, it’s as if this company finds it impossible to make a product that is anything less than incredible. They are the masters of aluminium chassis construction and time and time again we’ve seen them release award-winning chassis products that offer premium performance, style, build quality and features; and they often come with the premium price tag to match. Today looks set to continue their never-ending combo of excellence, as we take a look at their new Micro-ATX super star; the PC-V359.

There is a big demand right now for a chassis that lets you show off your rig, and the common side panel window isn’t always the best option. People love to show of their high-end components; who would want to spend £1000 on a graphics card if you can’t admire its awesome cooler design? The PC-V359 aims to offer a fresh perspective from its unique front panel and top panel window combo.

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Capable of holding a full ATX PSU, tall CPU coolers, a 240mm radiator, extra cooling fans, Micro-ATX motherboards, a few hard drives and graphics cards of up to 320mm, the PC-V359 is a very capable chassis, with the added bonus of four choices of colour; so you’ve got plenty of choice to to help tailor your chassis to match your components.

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The packaging is pretty standard, a representation of the general design on the front and the specifications (see above) around the sides.


In the box you will find all the usual nuts and bolts required to install your components, as well as an illustrated installation guide.


The chassis is very well protected and comes with peel-off brown paper on the acrylic panels to prevent scratching in transit.


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