Lian Li Q58 White Mini-ITX Case Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Lian Li Q58 pricing starts at $119.99 for the black PCIe 3.0 version, but for the white PCIe 4.0 version included in the review, pricing is $159.99. That means there are four versions of the case to watch out for, two in white, two in black, so be sure to order the correct version if you are using a PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 device on the riser cable. You can check for up to date stock and prices in the UK on Amazon here.

  • Black Q58 with PCIe 3.0 – $119.99
  • Black Q58 with PCIe 4.0 – $149.99
  • White Q58 with PCIe 3.0 – $129.99
  • White Q58 with PCIe 4.0 – $159.99


Lian Li is always pushing the limits with their designs, offering something unique or innovative, or at the very least, interesting. The Lian Li Q58 is certainly no exception, and while I’ve seen cases with a similar layout and form factor before, the split side panels with top and bottom hinges are really cool, giving you a way to access your system for general maintenance easily or to tinker with the hardware in whatever way you see fit.

Furthermore, the placement of the panels means that all the hardware that relies on airflow is pulling it from a filtered intake less than an inch away from their respective fans. So while the case has no fans of its own, it doesn’t really need them. That being said, if you really felt the need for fans or radiators, there’s a good range of options for installing them at the top of the case, where there’s ample room for them. Alternatively, the bottom panel be swapped to add support for additional cooling too.

The inclusion of the riser cable was a nice touch too. Even more so, as it’s fully pre-installed, rather than just chucked in the box. Lian Li has done a lot of little details that mean you can get on with putting in the fun stuff when it comes to build time. The hard-wired SSD mount in the front is a nice touch and makes cable management of that a lot easier. Of course, there’s the built-in fan and ARGB hub hiding in the top, the alternative bottom panel, filters, etc. Of course, you don’t get all this stuff for free, which is why this little case is $120. However, that’s pretty reasonable given the level of features and the quality of the design.

I must admit, the case was a little tricky to work with, but that’s mostly due to the smaller size. Cables have to take tighter turns, and routing them can be tricky. However, take your time, and you can get a pretty great looking build. At least there’s plenty of room under the PSU to hide extra cables. However, I must point out that after this build was completed, Lian Li shipped me a replacement I/O cable bundle for the front panel, which has a more compact internal design, allowing for up to 320mm GPU clearance, as the one included was an earlier design.

Should I Buy One?

It’s a pretty expensive case, but honestly, if you want something stylish and compact that can sit up on top of your desk rather than be shoved under it, it’s perfect for the job. While it does have some tempered glass, it’s clear the focus is more on dust filtered airflow around the hardware, so as stylish as it is, it’s actually a lot more practical and usable on a daily basis than some of the compact “show-off your hardware” boxes that are out there. Everything you need and more is included in the box too, so no matter what type of build you’re going for it’ll be a breeze. I’d happily buy one, but I’m pretty torn between this and the Lian Li TU-150.

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