Little Big Planet Karting PlayStation 3 Review

/ 5 years ago

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that I dived into the kart racing world of F1 Stars, a massive spin off from the super serious world of Formula one from Codemasters. But I’ve got two karting games to review this month and I’ve been looking forward to finding out just which one will come out on top. As some of you may know, F1 Stars didn’t favor too well in my review, it wasn’t a bad game, but certainly nothing special. But the Little Big Planet franchise has a place in my heart, as a gamer I quickly became a fan of the first and second LBP games on the PS3. Their extensive customization options, multiplayer madness, creative levels and more make them some of my all time favourite games. All in all this means that LBP Karting has got a lot to live up to.

Karting games have a long history in gaming, they are a somewhat traditional step in the evolution of a gaming series and its always a quick and easy cash-in for the developers between main entries in a gaming series. Of course the most famous karting spin off has to be the Mario Kart games, which since their inception have gone on to be their own long standing franchise. More recently we’ve seen Sonic All Stars, F1 Stars, Mod Nation Racers and to be honest there are countless others. I love a good racing game though and in my opinion there are only a few good kart games out there. Mario, Crash Team Racing and Mod Nation are the only ones I care for, so can LBP Karting not only live up to my expectations for the franchise, but also rank itself above the countless and mostly unremarkable masses that have taken up the karting game genre?


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