Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility for Taking Down Google Vietnam

/ 2 years ago

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Lizard Squad have claimed responsibility for downing Google in Vietnam. The homepage was replaced with the message below that accompanies a picture of a yet unidentified person, possibly of one of the hackers.

“Hacked by Lizard Squad, greetz from antichrist, Brian Krebs, sp3c, Komodo, ryan, HTP & Rory Andrew Godfrey (holding it down in Texas)” – Lizard Squad

Google has released a statement on the incident, stating that no private information was taken.

“We’re aware that some users have been having trouble connecting to, or are being directed to a different website. We’ve reached out to the organization responsible for managing this domain name and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.” 

The hack is the latest in a string of hacks from Lizard Squad, attacking high profile targets. Most notably, the group claimed responsibility for a substantial outage of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network at Christmas – a hack that drew a lot of anger from console owners. The fact that they’ve managed to take Google down for a whole country, shows that they may be upping their game.

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  • staticfx

    their mothers would be proud….


    Your thoughts: lets make everyones lives miserable ,by denying them products they have paid for need to use for their employment…. then claim it’s all good fun, in the name of justice , to prove we can do it , or any other reason we can think of ,except we cant because we are lacking common sense. not even proud enough to use our real names , we hide behind a group name because we think that makes us look big , Only problem with this train of thought …Everybody in the outside world thinks you are idiots with many million brain cells absent without leave. I suspect employment is not on your agenda if you are then I just hope none of you are in an occupation which touches my life in any way ,

    • Evan Warnock

      sadly, you are the sheeple we target, so thank you 🙂 employment? haha, YOU are our employment. Real names? to what admit your illegality of actions to link yourself? hrmm, prob not. welcome to the internet son, i suggest you take your “employment income” somewhere else, the net ain’t here for kids and nor does it belong to YOU. it belongs to US, the people, so sorry?


        please read again , this time more carefully , Open mind for irony and sarcasm , Have not been a kid for more years than you have lived , guaranteed