London-based Startup Invents ‘Wave your wallet at a computer’ Payment Method

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Wondering how to make online payment more interactive and easy to use? A London-based startup has the answer for you. They have allegedly created a technology which can recognise an object, pose and gesture. It is said that you can merely wave your wallet around at a computer and it will open up an online payment.

The company behind the technology is called Seeper, which have developed the Seemove application for many purposes and not just online payment. Other described uses are Iron Man types of poses to pretend one’s Tony Startk. But let’s set aside the childish things which can be done with Seeper and go into more ‘mature’ and interesting things it can do.


The Seemove technology is said to be able to memorize and interpret any object in order to identify it. For example, Seemove can identify your smartphone and sync with it in order to share photos and videos between the computer and handset, which is quite useful if you are too lazy to sync it yourself via wireless or cable.

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However, Evan Grant, the founder of Seeper, says the video is designed as a demonstration of what the technology can do and may or may not reflect how consumers ultimately use Seemove. Grant says that Seemove will be released as Middleware for developers to use in creating applications based on gestures, poses and objects. He also adds that, besides waving your wallet to trigger an online payment, Seemove could also be used for interactive kids toys, controlling home entertainment systems, gaming and even sign language.

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