Lost Planet 3 confirmed

/ 5 years ago

A new trailer confirming the third game in the Lost Planet series was uploaded to YouTube earlier, but the video has since been pulled from the site.

The controversy didn’t end there though, the trailer named Spark Unlimited as the studio behind the title, not exactly world renowned for creating the extremely dull (in my opinion) title Legendary: The Box, as well as working on Call of Duty spin-off Finest Hour back the PS2 days.

While the vidio was all CGI footage, it showed the usual situation of protagonist being chased by aliens, then using a giant mech mech to wrestle an even bigger alien, a tried an tested plot right there.

The video did however confirm the game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a release date in “early 2013”.

Spark Unlimited is based in California and worked on Call of Duty spin-off Finest Hour for Xbox, GameCube and PS2.

There is a good chance this is just a marketing stunt, or even an elaborate hoax, but no doubt more news will creep through in the next few days as the truth is uncovered.

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