Low Power Intel Pentium G640T and G860T due in Q2

/ 6 years ago

Intel are reportedly planning the launch of some new low power Pentium CPUs over the course of the current quarter or next 3 months. The G640T and G860T are both dual core Pentiums based off the Sandy Bridge 32nm architecture. The “T” represents the low power nature of these processors that allows them to conform to a 35W TDP package although it is unlikely they will ever hit that TDP envelope limit of 35W. They use the LGA 1155 socket and will work with all LGA 1155 chipsets. Each core has 256KB of L2 Cache and an overall shared Cache of 3MB.  The Pentium will come with basic Sandy Bridge features, such as Intel 64 and SSE4, and will not support Hyper-Threading, Virtualization or AVX.

Clock speeds are modest given the capabilities of Sandy Bridge, but in order to achieve a low power draw clock speeds have been kept at 2.4GHz for the G640T and 2.6GHz for the G860T. Pricing is not yet known but they will be reasonably priced as they are Pentium units. We expect retail pricing of approximately $75 for the G640T and $95 for the G860T.

Source: CPU World

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