LucasArts take 35% profit of Old Republic

/ 6 years ago

LucasArts will take “around 35%” of the profits from Star Wars: The Old Republic after EA has regained its investment.

LucasArts will earn plenty from the deal but both parties should see a large return.

Analyst Michael Pachter has this to say on the subject:

“I think EA will make a profit, the revenue split is around 35 per cent to LucasArts after EA earns back their investment. That means EA keeps most of the revenue from disc sales (they have marketing expenses and need to staff up the server farms), so they should earn a nice profit there.

Keep in mind that EA expensed the development cost when incurred, so much of the disc sales revenue will be profit.”

Pachter estimated that the MMO will pull in around 1.5 million subscribers, representing around $80 million a year in profit.

Source: Eurogamer

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