The Lumia 1520 Is The First Smartphone To Use Assertive Display Technology

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Nokia recently unveiled their flagship phablet, the Lumia 1520, at Nokia World two days ago. The company didn’t reveal much about other aspects of the device other than its camera and software, both of which took the center stage when the device announcement was going on. Turns out, there’s more to the Lumia 1520’s 6-inch Full HD display than just a panel type and display resolution. Apical Ltd announced today that Nokia’s first phablet is also the first Smartphone to feature an ‘Assertive Display Technology’ equipped screen, and here’s how they describe it:

“By digitally modelling the way the eye adapts to virtually any ambient light, rather than simply adjusting the display, Assertive Display delivers a seamless viewing experience to the user from a dark room to bright outdoor light. Further, colour and contrast ratio are preserved delivering TV-like video quality without the familiar washout of earlier technologies. This new capability ensures that content previously unwatchable in daylight, such as premium sports, games, movies and photos, can be clearly viewed. Ultimately this means a more immersive, natural and comfortable experience where the display is always adapted to the user’s own eyes.”

After spending some time with the device, TheHandheldBlog detailed and compared the display on the new Lumia 1520 with Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 3. The former was crowned the winner, hands-down. Seeing is believing, so check out the screen test video for yourself and be the judge.

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