M18x giveaway is a scam: Alienware

/ 5 years ago

Alienware recently posted that a M18x Gaming notebook giveaway that is spreading on Facebook for few days is not affiliated with them, which may be a scam and if any reputable company did run that contest it’s completely ridiculous that they will host one where users will have to go through a ridiculous survey link or referral link offer before entry.

The website that is giving away a M18x as a giveaway-Alienwaregiveaway.com claimed that Nvidia is the one giving away this notebook.

Although Nvidia didn’t officially say anything about it yet, it’s obvious that it’s not a contest that a reputable company would endorse, considering that the site requires you to disable adblock plus everywhere so that it can identify which country you’re from and says that the contest applies for your country only.

Considering that a lot of people would fall for it since it’s a very good giveaway and on top of it, it displays that only entries from your country are valid, it will encourage most people to join, but as can be seen, using a proxy ip/TOR browser changes the “open to” terms accordingly.

According to WHOis data, the website started on the 15th December, the same day when most of the people started sharing this contest giveaway and went viral since then. As of now, 94,620 people “liked” the Alienware Giveaway’s alleged scam page.


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  1. ET3D says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

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