Man Buys $27 Worth Of Bitcoins From 2009, Now They’re Worth $886,000

/ 4 years ago

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins

You ever forgot that you had some money in the bank? Or perhaps you found and old wallet with £20 in the back, some change in your pocket when your doing the washing, or maybe a few pennies in your cars ashtray? Of course you have, but that isn’t worth a damn thing compared to what Christopher Koch has done.

In 2009 Bitcoin was relatively new, the coins were cheap and Mr Koch from Norway decided to invest $25 in the digital currency, which back then was enough to grab him 5000 coins. Then he did something interesting, he forgot about them.

Fast forward to the present and Koch was reminded about the coins by a news story and spend nearly a full day trying to recall his password for his digital wallet, naturally you can imagine his face when he saw just how many bit coins he had and how much they’re worth.

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He bought 5000, at time of writing they are worth $199.40 each!

He’s cashed in a fifth of his investment and bought himself a lush new apartment in his home town. Now that is what I call a great investment.

Thank you HuffingtonPost for providing us with this information.

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  • Alistair Hardy

    I really regret my ‘It will never kick of’ stance back in back in 2009….

  • Wayne

    What a lucky git, I was really dumb. I had about 800 bitcoins but kept them on my computer as I didn’t understand the system back then… That computer is formatted now, with no way to get back my lost coins!

    • Vegim Begolli

      Still have the same hard drive? Stop using it. The data is still there. If you really have 800 bitcoins, it’s possible with some deep forensics to get your older files back. I’m assuming 800 bitcoins would be worth the time & money to try and recovery. Turn that thing off – now. 🙂

      • scud420

        Think so? I’m in the same situation…

  • bitbitch

    bittcoins are not on your harddrive!

    • MicroBuntu

      True but if you don’t know what the address and password is (if you did encrypt it) then you’re sol.

  • Misterxip

    I sincerely want to kill myself. I had 1000 bitcoins, and now they are gone due to a formatted harddrive. /shufflequit

    • scud420

      yeah, I did the same thing…

    • scud420

      yeah, I did the same thing…

  • Futilizer

    Lol, you can keep bitcoins on your PC. It’s called an offline wallet.

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