Man Implants Bitcoin Under His Skin

/ 3 years ago


In an example of wearables taken to the absolute extreme, a man from the Netherlands has implanted computer chips in his hands to carry Bitcoin inside his body.

Martijn Wismeijer, founder of crypto-currency cash machine company Mr Bitcoin, implanted glass-encased NFC chips under his skin to store the private keys for his Bitcoin wallets. He also plans to use the chips for keyless doors in his home. He has however decided that it’s currently not secure enough for him to use the implants for Bitcoin permanently, but has declared his bizarre experiment a success.

He did have difficulty getting the implants ‘installed’ in the first place, as “most doctors will not want to install the implant so a body manipulation artist (preferably not just tattoo artist or piercer) will be your next best bet, but make sure they work according to strict hygiene codes and know what they are doing,” said Wismeijer. He added “don’t be like me: I wanted to try it out even before the blood dried up but it is like a new mobile phone that needs to be fully charged before you switch it on the first time. Really you should leave it alone until it is no longer swollen and healed or you might risk infection and then your body might reject the implant,”.

Would you inject a piece of technology under your skin?

Source: The Telegraph


2 Responses to “Man Implants Bitcoin Under His Skin”
  1. Wayne says:

    He’s daft.

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