This Man Owns One of the World’s Largest Computer Collections

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I’m sure that many of you are interested in the history of technology, but as far as computers are concerned, Lonnie Mimms is definitely in a league of his own. The man is still the proud owner of every computer he ever bought, and he bought plenty. In fact, he has so many computers that he decided to organize them into an actual history exhibit, which includes over 30 years of technological wonders. Now I should mention that most of his collection is composed of Apple products, which he has been gathering since 1976 when the company was founded. The highlights of the collection are represented by an original Lisa, an original Xerox Alto and an original Apple 1, which is probably the most valuable piece.

Lonnie’s display is featured in a museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Dubbed The Computer Museum of America, the exhibit allows visitors to learn a bit about the history of Apple by while admiring the actual computers up close. Mimms has no plans to stop yet, however, as he is gradually adding new members to the collection. If you’re ever in Atlanta and you feel like admiring some vintage Apple electronics, you can always head over to the Computer Museum of America and indulge yourself. Until then, you can watch Lonnie talking about the exhibit in the following video.

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