Mass Effect 3 Day 1 DLC included on disk despite Bioware’s claims

/ 5 years ago

From angry fans to defensive developers, everyone seems to have an opinion on Mass Effect 3’s day one downloadable content and whether or not it’s acceptable. The latest update comes from a fan claiming to have proof that the squad member unlocked in the DLC was on the disc from the start.

Responding to statements from BioWare saying that the “From Ashes” DLC content was not worked on until after Mass Effect 3 was completed and thus couldn’t be included on the disc, YouTube user lljkceski created the video below. In it, the fan claims that by changing a single line of code in the PC version of Mass Effect 3, you can unlock the Prothean squadmate for play without downloading the DLC.

Check out the video below to see the evidence.

Source: Eurogamer

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