MICA, the Smart Bracelet Engineered by Intel, Aimed at Women

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This is MICA, the latest style accessory for women: a bracelet, with snakeskin strap, encrusted with gemstones… and a touchscreen console, capable of receiving Facebook, Google, and Yelp notifications on the go. Wearable devices just became a lot more fashion-conscious.

MICA – an acronym for My Intelligent Communication Accessory – has been developed by Intel, in conjunction with US designer fashion label Opening Ceremony. The device allows the user to construct their own VIP list for notifications, so only those deemed important enough are beamed through to your MICA. The vibrates, with no audio chime, whenever a notification is passed to the device. It can be charged wirelessly, using Intel’s charging bowl.

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At the very exclusive price of $495, MICA will be available from Opening Ceremony stores in New York and Los Angeles, and online at Barneys.com, by the start of December.

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One Response to “MICA, the Smart Bracelet Engineered by Intel, Aimed at Women”
  1. Wayne says:

    Damn. They could’ve used prettier models for the promo pic.

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