Michael Bay Assaulted While Filming Transformers 4

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Turns out gigantic robots are no means of defence when it comes to the real world, no doubt a shocking reminder that CGI just isn’t as good as the real deal and I’m sure Michael Bay and his team would have loved to have Bumblebee on hand to kick some butt this week.

A gang of drugged up thugs decided to storm the set of Transformers 4, tried to rough up some members of the crew and wind them up for several hours, demanding thousands of dollars to make them go away. It is said that all retail units in the area were given a payout for the inconvenience of the movie being filmed in the area, but these guys were essentially wasted and thought that they should get some money for nothing.

After refusing to give into their demands, one of the men came at Michael Bay brandishing an air-conditioning unit as a weapon and tried to smack Bay in the face. Naturally Bay is a cool guy and ducked before knocking the nut job away and letting his security jump on the guy. It is said that it took seven security to control the man, who is said to have bit through the shoe of one of the guards! Then it also too a team of fifteen Hong Kong cops in riot gear just to get the situation under wraps.

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I’m looking forward to the new movie, but it’s an interesting insight into some of the crazy things that are going on behind the scenes.

Michael Bay have posted a wonderfully detailed account of what happened on his blog, which you can read here.

Image courtesy of Michael Bay.

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