Micron and Seagate Forge Strategic Alliance

/ 3 years ago


February 12, 2015 saw the announcement of a new strategic alliance between these two storage giants; combining both innovation and expertise of both companies. The aim of this alliance is to produce ultra high end storage solutions that would give us the “next evolution” stage.

While initially focusing on next-gen SAS SSD’s and NAND supply, both anticipate this agreement will extend into the future to produce collaborative enterprise storage solutions featuring Micron NAND flash memory.

“As two of our key partners, we look forward to the benefits of this Micron and Seagate collaboration in future NAND flash-based storage technologies,” said Mike Kerouac, President of Global Product Operations for EMC Corporation.

“The strategic agreement between Micron and Seagate promises to deliver new and innovative flash-based storage solutions,” said Trevor Schick, Senior Vice President, EG Global Supply Chain, HP.

“This agreement enables Seagate to secure a strategic supply of NAND flash memory and enables collaboration on future products and technologies,” said Phil Brace, Executive Vice President, Electronics Solutions, Seagate. “Our companies are leaders in the storage industry, and in working together we build on that success.”

If you’ve been living under a rock for some time and are unaware of who Micron or Seagate are, please follow their respective links.

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Thank you to Seagate and Micron for sharing this information with us

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