Microsoft Advertises Windows 10 Using Babies

/ 2 years ago


Windows 10 will soon make its way to computers from all over the world and Microsoft has prepared the first ads for its brand new operating system. However, instead of focusing exclusively on the tech side of things, the company has decided to enlist the help of babies for its advertising campaign. The children all appear to be happy and worry-free, and the general idea that Microsoft tries to convey is that they are quite fortunate to be able to grow up with Windows 10.

Indeed, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 would be “the last Windows”, which means that the OS will not be replaced by another one in a few years but will rather receive a steady stream of updates that will enhance its functionality and security over time. The analogy is that the operating system will mature over the years just like the babies, but the commercials also highlight the OS’s new features and performance capabilities. One ad explains that children will be able to log on to their PCs using their smiles, which means that they won’t have to worry about remembering passwords. Another short ad is focused on Cortana, which is described as a “personal assistant.”

The ads will play on all major TV networks in the US, and they will also be showcased in countries such as Japan, Germany, Australia, UK and France. By July 29, they should be available worldwide.

Thank you TheVerge for providing us with this information.

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