Microsoft cuts Xbox One Price, launches 1TB model

/ 2 years ago


Microsoft is making some major cuts to the Xbox One one and half years into its life. Microsoft will be permanently cutting the price of the original Xbox One to $350 USD. In addition, the rumoured 1TB model has also been launched along with a new Wireless Controller. The new 1TB model will take on the old price of $399 while the controller will cost $65 if bought separately. Halo: Master Chief Collection will also be bundled in select regions fo a period of time. Previous 1TB Xbox Ones had been limited bundles, but wide availability should help boost sales.

The new wireless Xbox controller brings some minor tweaks as well. It’s got improved bumpers and can now accept wireless over the air firmware updates. Most importantly, the addition of a 3.5mm stereo jack allows you to use your own headset without an adapter. A PC adapter for the controller will come for about $24.99. While none of these additions will likely sway a PS4 fan, fence sitters, and hesitant Xbox fans will be sure to love the changes.

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Microsoft originally cut prices on the Xbox One in the face of stiff competition against Sony’s PS4. The PS4 has been consistently outselling the Xbox One since launch and it was partially due to Microsoft’s price cut that has helped stem the tide. A permanent price drop means Microsoft realizes that the Xbox One still needs some help competing with the PS4.  While the 1TB model will offer some advantage compared to the PS4 at the same $399, Sony may yet introduce their own rumored 1TB model to do combat. With games ever growing in size, more storage space will always be welcome, especially for those unwilling to void their warranty by doing their own upgrades.

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