Microsoft Delays Start Menu Implementation Until 2015

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft revealed its plans to add a ‘mini’ Start Menu button to its current version of Windows operating system some time ago. Rumours spread and it was said that it was bound to be included into the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 2. Recent rumours however point to a more distant future, more specifically a 2015 release date regarding the new Start Menu.

The recent change in release date is reportedly coming from trusted sources, having strong connections to Microsoft-related information. Although the Windows 8.1 Update 2 will come in August this year, Microsoft pushed the Start Button feature to come in the Threshold update in April 2015. There is no clear confirmation however as to why Microsoft decided to push back the feature.

The Microsoft strategy has reportedly not changed, having the company working hard to bring a more user-friendly interface to people using keyboards and mice, as well as users who are more familiar with previous Windows versions. This is most probably a best bet on why the Start Button was delayed until next year.

Other information regarding the Start Menu button state that Microsoft is not looking to bring the old-style Start Menu back, but rather a more proved Metro-style refresh in order to cope with the current operating system look and feel.

Rumours also indicate that the feature to launch Metro-style and Windows Store applications in windows on the Desktop shown last April at Microsoft’s Build conference is also a Threshold deliverable. Therefore, it seems that a lot of questions arise regarding what major features will the Windows 8.1 Update 2 bring.

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One Response to “Microsoft Delays Start Menu Implementation Until 2015”
  1. Patrick Norton says:

    No, no , no its time to move on and embrace the Start Screen 🙁 people have been giving out about it not being there, and there will be people giving out about how its “nothing like the old one” please Microsoft stick to your gun please!! the start screen works, hell better than the menu, who remember clicking the start button and having to wait a few seconds for it to respond, let alone in a hurry so you hit the button and are furiously typing only to look up and the feicing thing is frozen, where as with the screen the OS is actually giving power to search and giving the cpu a wee break, if you are truly a power user, ya will see like I have that the screen is the way to go, hell all i do is hit the button, type eg…. “main” or simply readme.txt it will have all the results up before i glance up, it quick, why go backwards in time?? I did like w7 but its had its day, so has the old ways. Computers and Tech evolve and we have to evolve with it, not cling to the past!!!! Oh and for any backlash to this, yano what??? Feic yes, feic yes all!!!! I love w8.1, its fantastic!! :))

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