Microsoft Employee Confirms No 12GB RAM Upgrade For Xbox One

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft’s Product Planning Manager, Albert Penello, has confirmed in a Twitter message that the Xbox One will not be using a 12GB RAM upgrade.

“Glad you all like headset. We’re not going to 12gb, just to be clear. Feeling great about game performance – stuff is looking killer.”

Information about the headset being included was announced yesterday when Major Nelson delivered an official unboxing of the Xbox One console. We’ve already heard that Microsoft will be increasing the clock frequency of the Xbox One GPU but apart from that the specifications now look set to stay the same for the forseeable future at least.

Microsoft says it is confident that the Xbox One has enough power to support game development for the coming years. Of course if the Xbox One’s hardware does ever become out-dated Microsoft could update the hardware, or simply release a new model, but that certainly wouldn’t be needed for several years to come given how long the current generation of consoles have lasted.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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