Microsoft Might Abandon Patch Tuesday Again

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Microsoft has learned a lot of lessons through the last years and a lot of the newer ones are thanks to their approach to Windows 10 and listening closely to the feedback they get from this area. The latest move coming from the giant is the goal to abandon the patch Tuesday and move back to releasing bug fixes and close exploit holes as quick as they’re discovered.

Malware creators are both smart and imaginative through their entire process, they have to be in order to be successful in their “line of work”. With Microsoft running like clockwork and on a schedule, it was easy for them to work around that and use it to their own benefit. Attacks were ceased and only probes sent out after important patches to make sure that their entire network wasn’t compromised and they even gone as far as following the same release schedule to pretty much guarantee at least a month time with a working exploit before Microsoft could patch the latest vulnerability found in Windows.

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This information was released by Microsoft’s Terry Myerson who made the statement that “Windows 10, after the official release could even usher in a more flexible and unified update cycle.” Microsoft also demonstrated a preview of their Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) that allows IT administrators more timely and smooth control with increased ability to detect threats with real-time monitoring of malicious programs.

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