Microsoft Announces $129 Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

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Microsoft Announces $129 Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Microsoft had a healthy mouse and keyboard division many years ago which paved the way for many modern advances. The original Sidewinder keyboards for example, solved key-rollover limitations for gamers. The Intellimouse pioneered optical sensor use over standard ball-tracking. These days, Microsoft still makes peripherals, but targets an entirely new audience. The operating system giant’s latest hardware announcement comes in the form of the Microsoft Modern Keyboard. This new input device is aesthetically more fitting for conservative fans than the previous Microsoft designs.

Microsoft Announces $129 Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard is thin and low-profile. The company even claims that is its aluminum frame makes it indestructible. The keyboard’s layout itself is semi-standard ANSI 104+4 key. The four additional keys are shortcuts for common features, right above the numpad area. The topmost row is also thinner than the size of the other rows. It is virtually identical to the previously released Microsoft Surface keyboard for $99 with one new addition. The new Microsoft modern keyboard has an integrated Fingerprint ID which tacks on a $30 premium.

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Microsoft Announces $129 Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

The finger print ID is located where the right Windows key normally is. The Modern Keyboard, like the Surface keyboard before it, runs on dual AAA batteries and connects via Bluetooth.

Microsoft also offers the matching Modern Mouse for $49.99.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard Feature Video

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