Microsoft Offers $150 Discount On Surface RT

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft has announced a rather large discount on the Surface RT tablet on their website. The discount sees $150 knocked off the Surface RTs with new prices of $349 (down from $499.99) for the 32GB Surface RT and $449 (down from $599.99) for 64GB Surface RT (tablet only prices).

We don’t know exactly why Microsoft has planned these discounts but speculation would suggest they are preparing new tablets for later on this year and want to clear existing stock. Additionally with Windows 8.1 coming they probably want to sell tablets pre-loaded with Windows 8 to make way for new tablets with Windows 8.1 pre-loaded ready for the October 2013 Windows 8.1 released which will no doubt have a Windows 8.1 RT variant too for the Surface RT series to continue.

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The discount does not apply to any accessories however so the Surface Type Cover remains at $129.99 and the Touch Civer at $119.99.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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