Microsoft preparing Xbox 360 Halo 4 limited edition console bundle

/ 5 years ago

At San Diego’s Comic-Con event Microsoft has unveiled its latest limited edition Xbox 360 console bundle. The Halo 4 limited edition console is described by Microsoft as “the definitive console bundle of 2012” and as with all limited edition Xbox 360s it will be made in very limited quantities with availability starting in Autumn. The bundle includes an Xbox 360 console with 320 GB HDD, a pair of Xbox 360 wireless controllers, a wired headset, and a copy of Halo 4.

Both the main Xbox 360 console and both included Xbox 360 controllers have Halo themed “skins” that are predominantly blue and grey in colour. Buyers of the limited edition bundle Xbox Live tokens for exclusive Halo 4 in game and avatar marketplace DLC.

Some have criticised Microsoft for not including the limited edition version of Halo 4 with the limited edition console, as loyal fans will end up with 2 copies of Halo 4 because Microsoft only sells the Halo 4 limited edition Xbox 360 console in a bundle configuration.

The pre-order listing can be found here. Pricing is $399 for the bundle, separate controllers can be bought individually – at $59.99 a piece. More pictures of the new limited edition console can be found with the pre-order listing or by visiting the source.

Halo 4 fans out there, let us know what you think of this new bundle.


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