Microsoft Has Removed 1500 Fake Apps from Their Windows Store

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft has modified their Windows Store app certification requirements with some new changes and as a result removed over 1500 fake apps from the store.

The three new changes that are key here are, the app must have a name that “clearly and accurately reflects the functionality of the app”, it has to be categorized according to function and purpose and lastly it isn’t allowed to have an icon that is to similar to those of other apps.

Microsoft said that most developers of apps for their Windows Store had no problems with the compliance of the new rules, but some did. The result was that Microsoft removed all these apps from their store and says it will refund the users who had bought the fake apps.

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This is something I’d like to see in any app store, there is way to much there that should never have been there in the first place.

Thank you Mashable for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Microsoft.

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