Microsoft Says Windows Phone May Be Small Still But It’s Growing Fast

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is still a small operating system by today’s standards but their Vice President Joe Belfiore says that’s going to change in the future because Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 may be small now but it’s growing fast.

The Windows Phone 8 OS has started to grow exponentially in recent times, largely driven by huge sales of the affordable device pictured above – the Lumia 520 from Nokia.

“We’re small, but growing fast…We’ll take it.” Said Belfiore to AllThingsD.

Belfiore claims that Microsoft Windows Phone team are working hard behind the scenes to bring the functionality of WP8 up to the standards of Android and iOS. Belfiore stated that a lot of the work being done on WP8 is behind the scenes so people do not always notice:

“The work we are doing is valuable, and a lot of people aren’t aware of it”

That said he still believes one of the best ways WP8 can grow is by continuing to attract app developers, but ultimately one of the main drawbacks of WP8 has been and still is the lack of key apps. Microsoft announced a major WP8 update on Monday which added features like a driving mode and improved storage management as well as support for 1080p displays and quad core processors.

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Image courtesy of Nokia

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