Microsoft Surface 3 Runs Full Windows, not RT

/ 3 years ago

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Microsoft has abandoned its ARM processor/Windows RT experiment with the release of the Surface 3 tablet, which runs a full version of Windows 8 and is the first non-Pro Surface device to feature an Intel chip. Microsoft’s hope is to replicate the success of the Surface Pro 3 with this new mid-range version.

Dale Perrigo, Surface Marketing Manager, says, “For people that need to get stuff done, generally you need a keyboard and some people need a pen, and that’s where our device plays.” He adds, “If you want a pure entertainment that’s not what this device is.”

surface 3 pen

The Microsoft Surface 3 has 64GB on-board storage, 2GB RAM, and an Intel Atom x7 processor. Priced £419 – though, add another £155 for the keyboard and pen – the Surface 3 is released on 7th May.

Source: BBC

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