Microsoft to Unveil Next-Generation Xbox in April?

/ 5 years ago

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With the semi-launch of the PS4 just a few days ago, there is already talks about Microsoft showing their hand when it comes to the next generation Xbox and April seems to be the favoured month for it to happen.

Rumours are rumours but this information is coming from a lot of sources including game developers, Sony employees and other professionals within the industry.

A senior Sony official said that the PS4 launch event that was held in New York recently, “caught Microsoft off-guard”. He continued to say that “We definitely ruffled some feathers” and of course wishes to remain nameless.

Rumours continue to say that Microsoft will launch the console at an event for the media in early April, though March 25th till the 29th will see the Game Developers Conference potentially be a focal point for information on the upcoming console.

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Naturally Microsoft have declined to comment on these rumours and have done for the past 2 years since first talks of the next-generation Xbox come about but several domains have been registered as of late including by Microsoft partner Ustechs.

2013 is certainly going to be an interesting year for both Sony and Microsoft and a Christmas battle is definitely on the books, as we all expected. Lets just hope that Sony actually have a console finished and that Microsoft can utilise the Sony launch event by fine-tweaking their product to offer more to the consumer.

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  1. Abdullah Arshad says:

    We shall see…

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