Microsoft Unleash A Wave Of Awkward, Funny & Silly Advertisements

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft is a funny lot, they have a multimillion budget for advertising yet they haven’t lost the ability to make a cringe worthy advertising clip or two. Sure it’s nothing on par with the legend that was Windows 95 and two of the cast from Friends that may go down as one of the worst infomercial videos of all time, or is that best and worst at the same time, who knows.

Below we have five of the latest Microsoft videos that will make you raise an eyebrow or two, but not before Microsoft takes several pop shots at their Google rivals, adding insult to injury by hosting said “anti-google” jibes directly on a Google service (YouTube)… well played Microsoft, well played.

Someone gambling their promotion, a strange basketball game, someone fingering a watermelon and well, you’ll just have to watch and see the other madness within… why not just grab a drink, sit back and enjoy, but there is one rule to this game, we want you to sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought of these adverts.

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Of course I will point out the irony that these advertisements are doing a great PR job, since everyone is dying to talk about them, not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing for Microsoft though.

Google are going to be furious at these, they’re not just suggesting Google are all but useless, but they’re flat out acting it out in front of your face, I can’t wait to see the comeback on this one.






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8 Responses to “Microsoft Unleash A Wave Of Awkward, Funny & Silly Advertisements”
  1. Ben Curwen says:

    I think Microsoft have failed to factor in the fact that Google docs is FREE, and office costs about £110 GBP, or $170 USD. Google also has its free auto-save and cloud storage to boot.

    • Overfiend says:

      P2P torrents sorts out the fee. Not that I’m condoning piracy or anything :p

      • Ben Curwen says:

        Haha, I know what you mean. 😛
        The high price for even the most basic package only pushes people towards Google docs, and piracy of Office. Microsoft really don’t do themselves any favours.

  2. I love their humorous ad’s but I think it’s underhanded and unfair to knock their competitors.

  3. Ryan Swedine says:

    OMG!… that last one… LMFAO!

  4. They fail to mention that microsoft word documents fail to open on other versions of microsoft office all the time. Or how google docs is just a free online service not catored to microsofts every will or that if one really wished to open a office document they would use open office that opens and saves to all microsoft formats and doesnt have version compatibility issues that microsoft has within its own product range.

  5. JMHJ says:

    I really dont understand the google docs adds, their not funny, smart or anything… The last three are some of the best commercials I’ve seen in quite a while, they should focus on that type of PR.

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