Microsoft Will Not Support Cloud-based Streaming For Xbox Games

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft was apparently fiddling with ways and know-hows to deliver cloud-based games across multiple devices. The attempt went so far as demoing Halo 4 being streamed on PC and Windows Phone. However, it appears the company considers it too “problematic” to deploy due to concerns about bandwidth, which is some countries proves to be quite a big issue.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello had this to say:

“It’s really cool and really problematic, all at the same time, insofar as it’s really super cool if you happen to have the world’s most awesome internet connection. It was a grand experiment, I know we did a lot of work behind it, and we said this is one of the things where the network just has to get better before we can do it”

On the other side of the barricade, Sony has plans on providing cloud streamed games through their platform named Gaikai. Microsoft wishes the best for Sony in tackling with the problem: “I’ll be really interested to see how our friends in the Bay Area [at PlayStation] deal with this problem. But I can tell you, it’s totally possible. We like it, we’re fans of the cloud. We’re not shy about that.”

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