Microsoft To Be Worried About PCs That Are Still Using Windows XP

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According to Redmond’s statistics, Microsoft has around 377,000 PCs in New Zealand alone that are running Windows XP and will be made vulnerable after April 8, 2014. Also, users of the old and popular WIndows XP could affect others who have already upgraded. Personal information could be put at risk as well as business trade secrets, customer account data and more.

“We estimate that up to 377,000 PCs in New Zealand running Windows XP could be vulnerable to malware attacks after 8 April 2014 and we want to make sure that Kiwis upgrade before Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP”. “For businesses, upgrading an operating system takes time. Depending on complexity, small businesses could take three to six months to upgrade, and larger businesses can take six months or more. We are really worried that some New Zealand companies are cutting it too close to the end of support date.” – Dean Edwards, Windows business group manager at Microsoft NZ.

Hackers could reverse engineer fixes made to the newer platforms and see if the exploits work on Windows XP. Therefore, Microsoft has a big challenge not only to provide customers with their latest products such as Windows 8.1, but also convince users and businesses to switch to a more up to date operating system like Windows 8 or Windows 7.

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6 Responses to “Microsoft To Be Worried About PCs That Are Still Using Windows XP”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Gee and what about people still running 95 like me. X-)

  2. Morten Sørensen says:

    Microsoft… Here we go again putting ourselves in problems, ain’t we. 😉

  3. J says:

    yeah, its micrsoft’s fault that degenerate humans spend their time trying to ruin others lives and compromise private information. what an idiotic comment.
    im sure it will be super funny to if it happens ne ir family.

  4. J says:

    too, if it happens to someone in your family*

  5. Slayer says:

    They are on XP because they don’t have enough money or maybe because they’re not enough stupid to go to 8.1.

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