Minecraft’s “Notch” is the latest to criticise Windows 8

/ 5 years ago

If you thought that Gabe Newell of Valve and Rob Pardo of Blizzard Entertainment were the only two high profile dissenters of Windows 8, then you will be surprised to know Minecraft’s Notch is the latest addition to the list.

The Minecraft creator has stated that the “lock-down” of Windows 8 to indie developers and developers in general could be very bad for business indeed. His particular focus is over the Windows App Store where he believes Microsoft could try and keep it a closed market thus excluding indie developers and small time business, as well as anyone Microsoft may not like or feel like excluding.

Notch wasn’t just critical of Microsoft, he managed to get in a little dig at Steam too. Stating that he was against Steam’s plans to allow gamers to rent games instead of just buy them like they normally would. However, that aside Notch, Newell and Pardo all seem to be in agreement that Microsoft may close down the market and force developers to go elsewhere.

“If Microsoft decides to lock down Windows 8, it would be very, very bad for Indie games and competition in general,” he said. “If we can keep open platforms around, there’s going to be a lot of very interesting games in ten years, mixed in with the huge AAA games that we all love.”


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