Mirror Your PC To Any HDMI Screen With Airtame Wireless Dongle

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Airtame’s wireless dongle makes cable connections look like something from the past with its wireless streaming capabilities. It allows you to mirror the image from your computer screen to any HDMI display. The wireless device from Airtame, a startup firm on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, has already sold out due to growing popularity.

There are reportedly only two devices left which are selling for $169. And to think that the starter price for the dongle was only $69! More single units are expected once Airtame catches up with its increasing sales. Theoretically you could load up a YouTube video, go full screen, and send it to your TV to enjoy the experience from the comfort of your sofa. It’s still too soon to say what’s exactly possible though it has reached a stretch goal that will make it feature a dual-core processor.

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Business meetings and schools are also a target for Airtime, since it features sharing across computers. The company is also rumoured to be developing a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, provided it reaches its million dollar goal. Streaming anything from photos and videos to games from your smartphone or tablet on to the big screen could become a strong possibility with this gadget.


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