Mobile Phones Could Connect to Public Wi-Fi Automatically in The Near Future

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Whenever you are in a metropolitan area, having lots of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. most likely means free Wi-Fi. The only big downside is the endless process of connecting to it. Apparently Google is looking to simplify this process with an app that automatically authenticates the user whenever a free Wi-Fi is available.

Reports say that Google has already begun the takeover of Starbucks franchises all around the US by replacing AT&T as the official Wi-Fi provider inside the coffee shop franchise stores. However, logging into Google’s network will still require authentication.

Google has thought of this impediment and came up with the idea of developing an app which can retain the Google account information between session and logging the user in automatically once the smarthpone detects a hotspot. The app is said to be released for both iOS and Android platforms, having no news on whether or not they will consider the Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 platform at the moment.

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Even so, the app is still in the development stages and might not even be released. Though, the idea is pretty interesting and useful since people spend a lot of time attempting to connect to free wireless connections.

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One Response to “Mobile Phones Could Connect to Public Wi-Fi Automatically in The Near Future”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Here’s holding thumbs it’ll come to fruition. It’s not that I frequent places such as Starbucks but there are a lot of wi-fi hotspots around and using wi-fi is a lot better and cheaper than using overpriced mobile data.

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