Modder Creates 22″ Xbox One Laptop

/ 4 years ago


There have been many Xbox and PlayStation mods over the years, with Ben Heck being responsible for most of them. The Xbox One is now no stranger to this modding world and one user has gone and created a stunning 22 inch laptop using the hardware pieces of the Xbox One console.

James DarkUncle Terry has posted a youtube video last week that shows how the case was reused. The system contains a front loading disc drive, the original power light, all the original ports (including the rear ones). The only addition seems to be an external audio port so that you can use speakers other than the built in ones, which is obviously a smart move.

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It’s about as portable as a toaster, it’s obviously going to be heavy, it doesn’t feature any battery power and needs mains power and it’s no doubt relatively fragile. Unfortunately the system is no longer available as Terry sold his project, but has yet to reveal the cost of the build, or of the sale price.


Thank you Technabob for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Technabob.

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2 Responses to “Modder Creates 22″ Xbox One Laptop”
  1. Jordan Fowle says:

    wow he made it slimmer than the creators -_-

  2. Mark Smith says:


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