Modern Warfare 2 Beta Cheaters Warned That Swift Action is Incoming!

With the initial release of the Modern Warfare 2 beta on PlayStation last weekend, we’ve now seen PC gamers invited to the party and the sad news is that cheaters have already started to appear. – Yes, when it comes to competitive online shooters, cheating is a sad reality that should be expected from any title. Given how much this affected Warzone, however, many people will clearly be more than a little disappointed to see that the Ricochet anti-cheating software has already been so easily bypassed in Modern Warfare 2. Or has it?…

Following a report via PCGamesN, Modern Warfare 2 beta cheaters have been warned that they can expect ‘live action’ to be taken against them imminently!

Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters – Consider Yourself Warned!

Now, exactly what ‘live action’ means is, at the time of writing, more than a little unclear. As part of an official response to fans spotting cheaters in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, however, Infinity Ward has acted quickly by saying that “Tomorrow, we’ll begin taking live action against cheaters and hackers in Beta matches.”.

One theory is that Infinity Ward may have deliberately restricted the performance of Ricochet so that when it does kick into action, it’ll address every single cheater in one fell swoop. A move that will likely see them not just banned from the beta, but also potentially from the full releases multiplayer as well.

Put simply, while it’s disappointing that cheaters might be out there now, it seems that some swift and terse action is heading their way in the very near future!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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