Modern Warfare 3 to get a whopping 20 DLC packs

/ 6 years ago

Now that the excitement from the release of Modern Warfare 3 has died down, Activision has turned its attention towards downloadable content for the new release. The latest speculation stipulates that Activision is planning around 20 downloadable content packs for Modern Warfare 3. As expected, Call of Duty Elite premium members will receive the DLC ahead of its general release but there is no idea just yet of when that date will actually be. Leaked information over the weekend has led to the assumptions that the first map pack will consist of five new maps known as: Morning Wood, Concrete, Park, Italy, and Overwatch. And as the Modern Warfare 2 fans will know there is a map called Overwatch in Modern Warfare 2 so it is possible this map could be a simple copy-over job or a totally new map with an old name.

All this does beg the question, Is 20 map packs too much and are Activision just trying to extract as much cash from its customers as possible? At 20 map packs it certainly seems this is the case and it also remains to be seen how long Activision will be able to keep doing this especially considering how much of a let down Modern Warfare 3 has been for most people.

Source: Fudzilla

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