Modular USB concept from Yanko Design

/ 6 years ago

Ever find yourself in a situation where you either have too many flash drives or too many folders inside a single flash drive? Well Yanko Design has come up with a rather interesting concept for a USB flash drive.

Well, it isn’t exactly a single USB flash drive, more like multiple flash drives connected to each other. Similar to the way you would partition a hard drive, this modular USB allows you to use multiple USB to store various files on each single drive.

As the image above shows, for  example in drive number one you could have sensitive data, drive number two could contain photos, number three music and number four documents.

While this is an interesting idea, and certainly not the first one, but it is one of the first to propose such a design, it’s not planned for production. All that is left is to hope this catches the eye of some company that could manufacture the product and commercialize it.



One Response to “Modular USB concept from Yanko Design”
  1. Love it!.. great concept. Let's see how it is in the real world 🙂

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