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Monkey Island Celebrates 30th Birthday with Anthology Pack

It seems hard to believe, but Monkey Island has officially hit it’s 30th-anniversary. Albeit, I daresay that if you remember playing one of the original games, possibly your Amiga 500, Atari ST, or IMB 486, then the mere mention of this has likely made you feel a little bit older. Despite the fact that there hasn’t been an ‘official’ new gaming release from the franchise for quite some time now though, (and no, I don’t include the Telltale Games Monkey Island), it is still remarkable to find just how popular these titles remain!

If you do, therefore, have a lot of love for classic retro-PC titles, and particularly box set collections, then you’re going to want to check this out! – To celebrate its anniversary, a limited edition anthology pack, featuring lots of goodies and all 5 Monkey Island games, is available to pre-order now! – Albeit, you might need to find Big Whoops treasure before you can afford it!

Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology

Designed and retailed by ‘Limited Run Games’, the Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology features all 5 ‘original’ Monkey Island games on both a USB stick and DVD-ROM format. Not only that though, but you also get masses of goodies such as:

  • Certificate of Arrr!thenticity” (hand-signed by Ron Gilbert!)
  • Disk 22 Floppy Diskette
  • BIG WHOOP Amusement Park “E” Ticket
  • “ASK ME ABOUT LOOM” Button
  • Shadowbox
  • 6″ GUYBRUSH Resin Statue
  • Code Wheels
  • Enamel Pin Set
  • Resin Murray Candle Holder
  • Behind-The-Scenes 160+ Page Anniversary Book
  • 5 Reversible 8 x 10 inch Mini-Posters featuring maps and promo art on reverse-side

Where Can I Learn More?

Arriving on December 4th, the Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology pack costs $174.99, which is, I’ll freely a admit, a bit more money than I’m personally willing to spend. – Would I love to get this set though? – Absolutely!

If you do, therefore, want to check out and/or learn more about this amazing collectors pack, you can visit the official product website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments (and give us your best insult sword fighting banter!)

Mike Sanders

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