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Yeston Reveals its Radeon 6800 XT SAKURA Edition GPU

There has always been a market for weird, wonderful, and sometimes just outright bizarre graphics card designs. Generally speaking though, some of the more ‘unique’ examples generally always tend to come out of China, and in a report via Videocardz, the Yeston Radeon RX 6800 XT SAKURA Edition may represent one of the best looking GPUs I’ve seen so far from the Radeon 6000 range.

Albeit, as you might expect (or at least I hope you did), that opinion does come with more than a few huge caveats!

Yeston Radeon RX 6800 XT SAKURA Edition

The Sakura Hitomi (pending confirmation of translation) is a new triple-fan/ 2.5-slot graphics card model from Yeston and, aesthetically speaking, I honestly think it looks absolutely fantastic and a huge step away from the far more generic designs we’ve seen released so far.

Admittedly though, there are more than a few problems I have with it and, in terms of actually getting one… Well, don’t get your hopes up!

What Do We Think?

Firstly, for as amazing as the GPU looks aesthetically, I think they’ve completely ruined it with that Waifu image on the backplate. It looks like an amazingly clumsy afterthought and while I daresay some people will like it, I think it spoils what could’ve potentially been the best looking 6800 XT around!

If that doesn’t bother you, however, then the news still isn’t that great I’m afraid. Why? – Well, as often seen with these ‘interesting’ graphics card designs, Yeston isn’t expected to release this GPU outside of China. Albeit, if you are willing to wait and take the risk, I daresay many Chinese-based e-tailers will offer international shipping on this!

I must admit though that if it wasn’t for the Waifu, I’d love to have this graphics card! – Then again, at this point (with supply so poor) I’d probably happily take any 6800 XT!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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