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Montech Air Cooler 210 Air CPU Cooler Review


As we have often noted in our cooler reviews, having a good quality manual is a key component of any design. Is it, after all, important that you clearly understand how it’s supposed to be fitted to your particular socket type. With this in mind, while what Montech provides you with is certainly decent enough, there are many aspects of it that could’ve been better and, overall, the quality of the paper and printing does feel a little cheap.

While there are no specific written instructions, however, the diagrams you are provided with are clear and large enough to ensure that you shouldn’t make any errors as long as you are paying attention.


The mounting system utilised in the Montech Air Cooler 210 is actually quite straightforward and if you have any prior knowledge or experience of cooling systems, you shouldn’t have any notable difficulties here. In fact, the process is actually rather simple and, as far as we’re concerned, entirely suitable for new or old hands at this work.

What about that screwdriver though? Did you forget about that earlier in the review? Well, as you can see below, this is very much an important component of the installation. To fit the Montech Air Cooler 210 to the mounting bracket, you require this screwdriver to effectively go all the way through the radiator to reach the fixing. While this isn’t, in itself, a revolutionary design (and we have seen this method used on many occasions before) Montech has provided users with a clever little aesthetic perk.

While you do have to go all the way through the radiator to fix one of the mounting points, this ‘hole’ is covered by a screw which you can simply remove, install the cooler, and then reattach. As above, we’ve seen this system used before, but rarely does a manufacturer go to the lengths to ensure that the hole isn’t visible once the cooler is fitted. – Quite frankly, it’s a nice touch, and one I hope to see other manufacturers adopt in the future.

Overall Thoughts

From out of the box and onto our test bench, the Montech Air Cooler 210 took us no longer than 7 minutes to install, and, in terms of air cooler designs, this is a very acceptable amount of time. However, this is reflected in the fact that Montech has not attempted to reinvent the wheel here in terms of installation methodology. As noted above, if you are familiar with coolers, then the process is very recognisable, intuitive and straightforward. However, if you’re new to fitting coolers, I promise you that this is about as easy as it gets. Well, outside of the remits of things like Intel stock coolers.

So, with it fitted to our test bench, it’s time to fire the Montech Air Cooler 210 up and see what kind of temperature and acoustic performance it offers!

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Mike Sanders

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