More info on Powercolor’s HD 7970 Vortex II edition

/ 6 years ago

Pictured before and during CeBIT, Powercolor is working on its upcoming Vortex II edition of the Radeon HD 7970 graphics card.

The company’s new HD 7970 Vortex II will sport a custom PCB on which will be the Tahiti XT GPU with 2048 stream processors in 32 GCN Compute Units and 3GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 384-bit memory interface. The specifications have been finalized, we may be looking at a factory overclocked core of 1100MHz while the memory would run at 1425MHz (5.7GHz effective). In comparison, the reference works at 925 and1375MHz respectively.

Thanks to the Vortex II cooler, the main feature of this card, the user has the ability to choose between a higher airflow or a lower noise output by simply pulling the fans in or out. The heatsink below the fans are connected to the GPU by four 8mm nickel-plated copper heatpipes. The HD 7970 Vortex II should also come with a backplate to provide extra cooling, more stability as well as some styling for some.

Although the price is unknown, expect to see this card hit the stores sometime next month.

Source: Fudzilla

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