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Mortal Kombat Film to have Fatalities in R-Rating Confirmation

Earlier this year it was confirmed that a brand new Mortal Kombat film was in production. One that was clearly looking to replicate the success of the first while exorcising all the demons of the second.

Now, confirmation as to exactly what angle the film will take it still more than a little unclear. Following a Twitter post from screenwriter Greg Russo, however, viewers shouldn’t necessarily expect this to be suitable for the family! – Why? Well, because it has been confirmed that the film will include seemingly graphic ‘fatalities’.

Mortal Kombat is R-Rated

The prior Mortal Kombat films did include fatalities and, as such, at least on a film level, this will not be a first. Those seen, however, were largely watered-down to help them get a more ‘box office friendly’ age rating.

With an R-Rating now confirmed for the film, however, we can expect to see some rather graphic stuff here.

Now, of course, this rating isn’t officially confirmed until filming and editing has been completed and it gets sent off for classification. It seems clear, however, that this is entirely what those making it are aiming for!

What Do We Think?

Including violent ‘fatalities’ will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows for the ‘Mary Whitehouse’ audiences. So expect to hear about it when the film is finally released. In truth though, their inclusion is well in keeping with the franchise and a bit of blood and guts is always a solid bit of fan service.

With no release date yet confirmed (nor indeed a trailer) the Mortal Kombat film will likely not release until 2021. It is, however, at least something to keep an eye on and, dare I say, look forward to!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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