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MSI Halts 30XX SUPRIM X GPU Shipments Over Quality Issues?

MSI is undoubtedly one of the most respected PC hardware manufacturers around. As such, following the recent launch of their 30XX SUPRIM X graphics cards, there was clearly both a lot of both demand and interest from consumers in checking out their new and latest premium branding. If you are, however, still waiting for yours to arrive, then it seems you may be in for a bit of a delay.

Why? – Well, following reports via TechPowerUp, MSI has reportedly stopped all shipments of their SUPRIM X graphics cards due to there potentially being a rather significant design flaw and/or fault.

MSI Stops 30XX SUPRIM X GPU Shipments

Firstly, we should note that MSI has been pretty categorical that there is not a confirmed issue or problem with their SUPRIM X graphics cards. As such, a general recall has not (yet) been issued. What is the problem though? Well, put simply, nobody knows. Well, no one (including MSI) is at least willing to say what is it if there is one!

In confirming this news, however, MSI has said:

“In order to ensure the best quality of our new SUPRIM flagship series and to offer you the best Gaming experience, we decided to hold back the shipment for a last-minute check. Now we are sure that the quality of our product is optimal and the shipments will recommence.” – MSI

What Do We Think?

Although this is entirely speculation, our best guess is that a number of MSI SUPRIM X graphics cards have been returned under RMA all featuring a similar problem. As such, MSI wants to determine whether this is a major issue affecting all of its graphics cards or just isolated/coincidental incidents. – I mean, we had no problems with the MSI 3080 and 3090 SUPRIM X graphics cards we recently reviewed, and, incidentally, if you want to see what we thought of those, you can check out the link here!

Make no bones about it though, regardless of how long this shipping delay will last, this will affect general consumer supply over the coming months! As if that wasn’t bad enough already!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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