MSI Optix MAG27CQ Curved 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review

/ 1 month ago

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A Closer Look

The monitor looks pretty impressive right out of the box. It features a slim bezel design, making it well suited to a multi-monitor setup. Of course, the 1800R curve means that you can create a 3×1 monitor layout that flows around you, rather than being at angles to each other.

The low profile stand is very nicely designed and should provide a nice benefit to those who are limited on desktop space. Of course, it’s still very durable and stable, and that means the monitor feels firmly planted no matter how much you play with the height or angle adjustment.

The monitor can be raised by up to 65mm, making it easy to find the optimal viewing position.

It can be tilted by -5 to +15 degrees also, even at full height or minimum height.

Finally, the swivel offers a whopping 90 degrees of adjustment, with -45 degree to the left, and 45 degrees to the right. This means you can keep the stand firmly planted and still get the display pointing right where you need it.

The monitor looks great from the front, but it’s pretty much carved out of Iron Man’s suit from the back. The armoured panel design looks impressive, with some red LED lighting highlights running down the sides for some added visual flair.

The OSD controls are nice and physical too, with a simple joystick design on the back making adjustments super easy; not like those awful touch buttons we’re tired of seeing.

The mount is nice and chunky and helps keep the monitor feeling sturdy no matter how much you adjust the height/angle. Plus, it looks pretty fantastic too with that two-tone design and MSI logo.

In terms of connectivity, things are pretty straightforward. There’s a DVI, HDMI, and DP on the back, giving you plenty of options to play around with. There’s also a headphone jack, and the power jack, which is pretty self-explanatory.

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3 Responses to “MSI Optix MAG27CQ Curved 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review”
  1. Razvan says:

    “Bring you are A-game…” Really MSI? Really?

  2. HA6 says:

    Hello can you do more review on different response time setting?

    And will it drop a lot brightness?
    (Sorry Bad English)

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