MSI Reveals TORX 120 mm Case Fan

/ 8 months ago


MSI has just revealed a brand new case fan that was inspired in its design by the brand’s TwinFrozr-series VGA coolers. Dubbed “TORX,” the fan is part of a standalone package, and it features a very interesting patented impeller design that includes two different sets of blades arranged alternatively. To be more specific, the first type of blade comes with a traditional look, while the second set comprises so-called “dispersion” blades that are capable of accelerating airflow thanks to their steeper curvature. The first TORX branded fan unveiled by MSI is a 120mm product that measures 25 mm in thickness.

MSI Reveals TORX 120 Mm Case Fan (3)

It features a regular square frame with rubberized mounts, and it is based on a 4-pin PWM power input. As far as RPM is concerned, it varies between 500 and 1,800, while the airflow ranges between 19.79-71.27 CFM, which sounds quite respectable. Those of you who are interested in noise levels should know that the TORX fan puts out between 17.2 and 33.6 dBA, which might be adequate or too much depending on your personal preference. Last but not least, the product has an MTBF of 150,000 hours, and it includes a fluid-dynamic bearing.

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Would you consider purchasing and installing an MSI TORX fan in your system, or would you rather go with something that has a flashier design, maybe something with RGB?

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One Response to “MSI Reveals TORX 120 mm Case Fan”
  1. Gullerback says:

    im not a fan of the engraving in the black bits but overall its nice. We just need someone to test the airflow

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