MSI UK Offering Z97 Launch Promotions At Selected Retailers

/ 4 years ago


With the launch of the new Intel Z97 platform fast approaching this Sunday motherboard vendors and retailers are gearing up to get selling. As we’ve already discussed in previous articles Z97 may be a hard-sell to Z87 owners, but to just about everyone else the Z97 platform offers immensely more features – even over something as new as Z77 or Z68 for example. MSI is going all out for its UK customers with a couple of impressive offers. Up first MSI are offering 20% cashback on all MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboards purchased between launch day, Sunday May 11th, and Sunday May 31st. This offer will be avaiable at Overclockers UK, Scan Computers, eBuyer, CCL, Aria, Box, Novatech and Dabs.


Up next we have MSI UK teaming up with Corsair UK to offer an exciting bundle with their new high end Z97 Gaming 7. Early buyers of MSI’s Z97 Gaming 7 will get a free Corsair H75 all in one liquid CPU cooler and a pair of Corsair AF120 Red LED fans. This Corsair bundle is worth an impressive £80 and is certainly a deal sweetener for UK buyers of MSI’s flagship Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard. This deal will be available at Overclockers UK, Scan Computers, eBuyer and CCL. The offer should launch Sunday but we are hearing it might be offered as early as tomorrow so stay tuned for more details. This offer has no expiration date but is limited to just 100 pieces, and one per customer, (for the whole of the UK) so this will probably sell out very quickly indeed!

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3 Responses to “MSI UK Offering Z97 Launch Promotions At Selected Retailers”
  1. Wayne says:

    I’m not inclined to agree with you entirely. In my opinion Z77 and to a lesser extent X68 is still very relevant today, no need to toss them away for Z97 but as I’ve said, it’s my opinion.

    • Im not saying they aren’t relevant. Im just saying in relative terms there is more reason to upgrade from Z77 and Z68 than from Z87 which is virtually identical. I still run Z77 and have no intention of upgrading. My ASUS Z77-A with a 3770K and R9 270 does the job for me perfectly. Despite having all this hardware sitting in my room i’ll stick to this system any day!

      • Wayne says:

        Now that I can relate to. I moved from a P55, i5 760, GTX 570) to a Z87 (i5 4670K, GTX 760) for my gaming machine and now my general/office machine is the P55 and methinks I’ll be on both for a long while to come. On another note I finally managed to swap my hot and hungry GTX 780Ti for a brand new GTX 760. Playing at 1080p the 780 was just sheer overkill.

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